Terracotta Dolphin Rattle | Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum

The museum will begin our summer hours next week. We will be open Monday-Thursday 11:30am – 1:30pm. Escape the heat and come see our objects..

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Our collection of rehoused Ancient Egyptian scarabs look like a tiny army of insects! The relatively small and uniform shape of these artifacts..

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Flipped Learning – Arts & Sciences Magazine

Sanchita Balachandran, JHAM’s Associate Director and Conservator, is featured in the Spring issue of JHU Arts & Sciences Magazine. Her innovative..

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Middle Bronze Age Jug | Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum

The museum will be open tomorrow, Saturday May 5th from noon until 4pm. This is the last Saturday we will be open until October. This beautiful..

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Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum

Don’t forget to join us tomorrow at 12:15pm for our May Museum Chat!

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Featured Object

ByKierra Foley

Description (3718) This djed-pillar amulet is made of a bright blue faience with large sections of a brownish-purple colorant throughout. A suspension bar has been included at the top of the djed-pillar, which is slightly lopsided. Description (1991-1) This faience djed-pillar has been rendered with great care and a high level of incised detail. A very small […]

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