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Excited to introduce a new project this fall on the facial reconstruction of ancient Egyptian mummies stewarded by the museum. Curator Sanchita..

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We are proud to place our Safe Zone symbol on the museum’s doors. Our professional staff completed the Johns Hopkins University Safe Zone training..

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The Archaeological Museum in Australia (sort of)

The film “Mysteries of the Kylix” made at the Archaeological Museum and Baltimore Clayworks for the 2015 course “Recreating Ancient Greek Ceramics”..

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Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum

Update: We were optimistic that our little renovation project would stay little, but it has spread itself around the museum a bit more than anticipated…

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The work of the team working on reverse engineering ancient Greek ceramics continues. Here’s an image of Patricia McGuiggan of Johns Hopkins..

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Featured Object

ByMichael Riecken

The terracotta dolphin in the JHUAM was most likely a mold-made child’s rattle.  The dolphin is shown in profile with raised tail and snout, pronounced fins, lateral gill-like grooves, and an S-curve body.  Given its gentle demeanor and elegant form, the dolphin was viewed as man’s special friend and became a popular subject in Greek […]

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