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So many heads, but where are their bodies? That’s a question we are hoping to figure out! These ceramic heads were recently rehoused to make..

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Next week at the Getty Conservation Institute, a talk by Sanchita Balachandran entitled “CSI (Ceramics Scene Investigation), Ancient Athens”…

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Just like in modern times, games were a popular pastime in antiquity. Children, women, and men alike played games for their own amusement using..

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The Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum is excited to have high school senior Charlotte work with us for her senior project at Bryn Mawr School…

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Photos from Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum's post

This past week, about 1,500 students from the Class of 2017 at the Johns Hopkins University received degrees, including a few of our own! Congratulations..

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ByJessica Phippen

Bullae were pendants worn by boys to ward off evil spirits and simultaneously proclaim their status as freeborn children. The Romans adopted the practice of wearing bullae from the Etruscans. Both cultures saw children as especially vulnerable and in need of protection. The gold bulla in the JHUAM may be either Etruscan or Roman in […]

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