Exciting news! The work that eleven first year students did last year in the course “Roman Egyptian Mummy Portraits” is now available in the..

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We are prepping for a new construction project in the museum! The mummy, on long term loan from Goucher College, is getting a new exhibit case..

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Our curator, Sanchita Balachandran, Johns Hopkins Materials Science and Engineering Associate Research Professor Patty McGuiggan, and Baltimore..

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MuseumMuse: For the final installment in our series this academic year, Ruthie Porter interviews Junior Elizabeth Winkelhoff, who invites you..

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Vertical Storage for Small Robust Archaeological Objects | Storage Techniques for Art Science &...

Our latest rehousing project by Collections Technician, Jen Torres, is now published on the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and..

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ByMeagan Young

These two glass bird heads are the remaining fragments of two Roman perfume bottles. They both measure approximately 5 centimeters in length, but their provenance and exact date are not known. As shown in the picture above, the bird fragment on the left is a deep blue color and the one on the right is […]

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