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Mark you calendars for a week from today when we will have our next museum chat – Friday, February 24 at 12:15pm. Dr. Ashley Fiutko Arico, a..

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Timeline Photos

Sometimes organizing rehoused artifacts in a storage drawer is like a game of Tetris. Conserving storage space and ensuring that the artifacts..

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Photos from Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum's post

This ancient Egyptian conical ceramic pot, likely dating to the 3rd century BCE to 1st century CE, contains an ibis mummy wrapped in linen. In..

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Photos from Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum's post

Our collection of ancient glass fragments received the star treatment this past week! These small fragments were transferred from storage and..

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Art conservation and piecing history together

An exciting collaboration between the museum and graduate students in art conservation at the Winterthur/University of Delaware Program in Art..

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Featured Object

ByAnna Glenn

Description A clean-shaven man is presented before a seated, bearded god.  In the spaces between the figures are a cluster of three drill-holes, a crescent moon, and a tall, narrow-necked jar on a small table.  An inscription, written in cuneiform, reads: a-ḫa?-ni-šu // arad₂ nu-ur₂-dšul-gi Discussion The scene on this seal represents the standard “presentation […]

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