Photos from Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum's post

12th time the charm? Exciting results from our penultimate firing of the replica ancient Greek kiln! One last firing to go before we retire our..

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Historically Underrepresented Groups Scholarship (HUGS)

Scholarships for archaeological fieldwork for historically underrepresented groups from the Society for American Archaeology. Applications are..

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Photos from Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum's post

Sometimes rehousing an object can reveal some exciting details that haven’t been seen in a long time. This stone fragment was previously stored..

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Timeline Photos

Firing #10 of the ancient Greek kiln replica. An intense, fiery and smoky reduction using olive pits as fuel. Let’s see how this firing went..

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Johns Hopkins University - Rising to the Challenge

Curator/Conservator Sanchita Balachandran participated in the Johns Hopkins University Leadership Summit, a meeting of university leaders, trustees..

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Featured Object

ByMichele Asuni

This lamp features the god Mercury (Greek Hermes) riding a griffin, a mythological creature (half lion and half eagle) associated with the world of the dead, or Hades. The god appears in the form of a winged youth carrying his most typical attribute, a magical staff called the caduceus through which he performed his tasks. […]

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