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HAPPENING TODAY! Hope to see you.

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Photos from Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum's post

Where in the world is the museum’s Associate Director Sanchita Balachandran? She’s working with Carla Schroer and Marlin Lum of Cultural Heritage..

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Photos from Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum's post

In our second post of the series highlighting the museum experience of our graduating undergraduate staff members at JHAM, hear from Helena,..

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Timeline Photos

With students heading off for Spring Break, the museum will be closed to visitors next week. To get you through next week and to give you something..

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Arico explores history of pre-dynastic Egyptian objects – The Johns Hopkins News-Letter

Check out this article from the Johns Hopkins News-Letter about JHAM’s Dr. Ashley Fiutko Arico and her February Museum Chat!

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Featured Object

This page is a work in progress. Check back regularly for updates. Key Course References Athenian Pottery Project at the J. Paul Getty Museum Cohen, B., ed. 2006. Colors of Clay: Special techniques in Athenian vases. Los Angeles: J. Paul Getty Museum. Lapatin, K. ed. 2008. Papers on Special Techniques in Athenian Vases. Los Angeles: […]

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