2014 Examining Archaeological Objects: Lab Work

Students got hands on experience doing field work by excavating objects. They were then given the opportunity to examine those same objects in the lab.
On the front page of the Baltimore Sun today are two conservators who worked on the reinstallation of the Archaeological Museum in 2010. Congratulations to Lori Trusheim and Diane Fullick who continue to do fine work to preserve the cultural heritage of Baltimore.


City evaluates art in schools as part of 10-year renovation plan
Art conservator Lori Trusheim leaned out of a second-story window and squinted through her camera at a 72-square-foot copper sculpture that has become a local landmark. The elements have taken a toll over the past three decades, and she wants it preserved.
Congratulations to our lovely museum employees who recently graduated and are on their way to new adventures. We miss Sheri Leonard, Kierra Foley, Wolfgang Alders and Aley Villarreal but can't wait to see what they do next!

Check out our new "object story" on Levantine Pottery at the museum's website. The "story" was written by Dr. James Osborne, Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Near Eastern Studies here at JHU for the past two years. http://archaeologicalmuseum.jhu.edu/

Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum
Our latest "object story" on Levantine Pottery explores four thousand years of ancient ceramics from the Levant through a few examples from our collection. Learn more about objects including this oil lamp for four wicks dated to the Early Bronze Age.previous photoplay/pause slideshownext photo
Students from Roland Park Country School look at ancient objects in ultraviolet light.

(Not) Blinded by Archaeological Science
Students from Roland Park Country School look at ancient objects in ultraviolet light.
Hope to see you at our museum party tomorrow, Wednesday May 14th, from 12:15 to 12:45. See our new student-curated exhibits and wish our graduating student staff well. And enjoy some delicious snacks!

Our final museum chat is actually a museum party! On Wednesday May 14th from 12:15 to 12:45, come to see our new student curated exhibitions and say thank you and farewell to our graduating student staff. And enjoy refreshments! Hope to see you there!

As Reading Week and finals approach, we will be transitioning to our summer museum hours begin next week. Starting May 5th, we will be open Monday-Thursday, 11am to 1pm. Our next First Saturday won't be until the fall. Good luck for finals and stop in for a break from studying and see some ancient objects!

A postcard from Monika Lay, our fantastic former employee who is finishing a graduate degree in osteology in Edinburgh! Next she's off to medical school. Congratulations and all the best Monika!

Hello From Edinburgh!

Looking at Greek vases