Fund a Project

A beehive savings bank, Roman, 2nd-3rd century, CE.

There are numerous projects in need of funding that would benefit from the patronage of interested donors.  Even small donations can contribute greatly to making our collection more accessible for teaching, research and display.  Some ways in which you can support the work of the museum:

  • Adopt-an-object: Fund the work needed to conserve, display and research a specific object in our collection.
  • Fund an Exhibition Case: Sponsor the installation of a free-standing museum case which will be used to house changing exhibitions.
  • Fund a Special Exhibition: Sponsor a student-organized exhibition of artifacts in a museum case.
  • Donate to the Printed Materials Fund: Fund the printing of both student and faculty generated brochures and exhibition materials associated with objects in the museum collection.
  • Donate to the Cataloguing Project: Sponsor our major initiative to unpack and house the collection in archival storage containers so that they can be accessed and used in courses.
  • Name the museum.
  • Endow the curator position.

Please contact us for more information on some of these projects.