Copper, Ceramics, and Cyprus

Ellen Bruner
Ellen Bruner ('15) is a molecular and cell biology major at Johns Hopkins.

Slipped ceramic sherd, JHUAM A.1083-1

Copper, Ceramics, and Cyprus: A White Slip Ware I Bowl Sherd

Much of the literature on White Slip Ware (WSW) has examined the elevation of Cypriot ‘international’ relations through the lens of the island’s socioeconomic stake in the Amarna Age as copper-rich Alayisha, evidence regarding a parallel role for ceramics to copper has yet to be fully considered. The slip of WSW bowls contains materials obtained by copper-ore extraction, further entangling these two major exports. The Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum’s bichrome WSW bowl sherd testifies to the importance and intricacy of this ceramic tradition.

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