Carlos Muñoz ('12) was a Classical Studies major. In the summer of 2011 worked as an intern in the Baltimore Museum of Art. During the fall of 2011, Carlos attended the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome where he studied Roman history, architecture and art.

Terracotta Boar Rattle

This boar-shaped terracotta rattle is approximately eight centimeters tall and eleven centimeters wide. It stands on a small rectangular base and has a ring attached to its right side. Several holes can be seen on the upper part of the clay attachment connecting the ring to the rattle’s right side. The boar’s snout is also […]

Gold Ring with Carnelian Intaglio

The art of gem carving or intaglio dates as far back as the seventh millennium B.C.E.  By the second millennium B.C.E., engraved gems had developed into a full-fledged industry in the Indus Valley.  Through trade, these objects reached the Mediterranean. By the fourth century B.C.E., we find numerous references in Greek texts to Eastern gems. […]

Terracotta Archer

This terracotta warrior is shown wearing a plumed helmet, a muscled cuirass and greaves. His bent right arm and kneeling stance, with its weight on the left side, suggest that this figure once represented an archer.  Originally, his extended right arm would have held a bow. The terracotta archer in the JHUAM presents a number […]