Elisabeth Campbell is a graduate student in the Classics Department at Johns Hopkins, where she is writing a dissertation on Roman victory cognomina during the Republican period. Through her work with the museum, Elisabeth has further developed a special interest in Roman epigraphy and numismatics.

Festus (A Soldier)

“To the Spirits of the Dead. Quintus Caedius Festus, son of Quintus, of the tribe Velina from Aquileia, a soldier of the sixth Praetorian cohort of Atilius. He lived 28 years, 4 months, and 7 days; and served in the military for 12 years. Mem(m)ia Proba made this [inscription] about him for the well-deserving one.” […]

Latin Funerary Inscriptions

Most of the Latin inscriptions now in the JHU Museum were acquired by Harry Langford Wilson in the winter of 1906-1907 in Rome. Wilson was professor of Roman archaeology and epigraphy at Johns Hopkins and stayed at the American Academy in Rome during the academic year of 1906-1907, which gave him the chance to purchase […]