Elizabeth Dowdle ('11) graduated with degrees in the History of Science and Technology as well as Museums and Society. She joined George Washington University in Fall 2011 to earn a Masters Degree in Museum Studies, concentrating in Collections Management and Classics.

Sleeping Child with Dog and Grapes

This small ceramic figurine, which shows signs of use and wear, was most likely a child’s toy. The little cradle holds a male infant, with chubby limbs and ringlets on his head. He lies on a mattress or blanket, clutching a small dog to his right side, its neck tucked in the crook of his […]

Double-Sided Comb

This delicate ivory comb, small enough to fit into the palm of one’s hand, features two different sets of teeth, one noticeably broader and more widely spaced than the other, making it an ideal instrument for grooming both fine and coarse sections of hair. Because of its small size, it might also have been used […]

Child’s Gold Ring with Phallus

The circumference of this gold ring is too small to fit an adult finger. It was, therefore, most likely made for a child. The ring’s gold band expands to create a bezel that supports a gold phallus in relief. For the Romans, this image of a phallus on a child’s ring was meant to protect […]