Jessica Lamont is a PhD student at Johns Hopkins University. Her interests revolve around Greek religion in 5th century Attika. She excavates in the Athenian Agora, and is currently away at the American School of Classical Studies in Athens as the Michael Jameson Fellow.

Kylix signed by Epiktetos as Painter

In his Catalogue of Women, Hesiod mentions “the race of lazy, good-for-nothing satyrs,” a sentiment captured visually by Epiktetos on this drinking cup. He signed the work “ ΕΠΙΚΤΕΤΟΣ ΕΓΡΑΦΣΕΝ ,” or “Epiktetos painted [this].” In this red-figure kylix, the painter utilized the circular, restrictive space of the tondo by pressing the satyr’s feet against […]

Kylix signed by Phintias as Painter

The scene on this drinking-cup explores the world of the potter, whose shop was bustling with activity. Inside, orange clay was thrown on the potter’s wheel, shaped into vessels of various types, fired in the kiln, decorated by a painter and, finally, displayed for sale. Our cup provides a glimpse of this last stage, underscoring […]

Kylix attributed to Makron

Created for the symposium, this drinking cup shows a scene of wine and revelry—a glimpse into the world of Dionysos. Maenads cover all surfaces and carry torches, musical instruments, and thyrsoi as they work themselves into a  frenzy. On the cup’s exterior, they perform for Dionysos (above), who holds a drinking-vessel and umbrella of vines, […]

Kylix attributed to Douris

This red-figure vessel provides a glimpse into the world of play: a quiet, intimate scene of top-spinning. On the right is a youth enveloped in his mantle. Both the boy and the bearded figure beside him are mesmerized by the whirling toy. The man wears a chlamys and the traveler’s cap that often characterize Hermes. […]