Keelin Martinek ('13) graduated with a major in Archaeology.

Emerald Earrings

The Romans were known for their love of gemstones, especially emeralds and pearls.  The precious materials used to manufacture this pair of earrings originated from different far-flung regions of the ancient world.  While gold was mined in a number of Roman provinces (mainly Britain, Spain, Dalmatia and Dacia), emeralds, amethysts and pearls were imported from […]

Charm Necklace Fragment

When looking at this Roman necklace fragment one may be struck by its similarity to a modern charm bracelet.  In antiquity, this necklace may have been worn as an amulet.  There are multiple charms in the shape of objects from daily life, as well as a small, well-worn human figurine. On the far left it […]

Knucklebone Player

This figurine depicts a young woman crouching to play knucklebones, a popular Greek game similar to modern-day “jacks”.  She is dressed in a thin chiton (a long tunic commonly worn in ancient Greece) pinned over one shoulder with what appears to be a separate loose shawl tied around her hips.  Her hair is parted and […]