Meagan Young ('12) double-majored in Civil Engineering and Archaeology with a minor in Classics. During the summer of 2011, she traveled to Greece to participate in the Nemea Field School through the University of California at Berkeley. Meagan completed an honors thesis during her senior year of undergraduate study on the shifts of architectural patterns at Nemea through the Archaic and Classical periods.

Terracotta Dog Rattle

This terracotta figure of a dog shows him standing in profile with his right foreleg raised over a small dish. The dog’s head faces forward. Although the dog’s fur is intricately rendered on the front, the back is smooth. The terracotta is hollow and rattles when shaken, thus leading us to believe it was a […]

Glass Bird Bottle Neck

These two glass bird heads are the remaining fragments of two Roman perfume bottles. They both measure approximately 5 centimeters in length, but their provenance and exact date are not known. As shown in the picture above, the bird fragment on the left is a deep blue color and the one on the right is […]

Terracotta Bride-Dancer

This small terracotta figurine is clothed in a way that makes her either a bride or a dancer. Her movement indicates that she may be a dancer, while her layered and hooded clothing indicates that she may be a bride as well. Looking to the right, her right hand rests on her side, while her […]