Michael Riecken ('11) graduated with degrees in Near Eastern Studies as well as Entrepreneurship and Management. He worked two summers as an intern for the Department of Egyptian Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, assisted Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum Curator, Professor Eunice Maguire throughout the spring 2010 semester, and participated in the annual archaeological mission of the Johns Hopkins University Expedition: Hopkins in Egypt Today.

Terracotta Dolphin Rattle

The terracotta dolphin in the JHUAM was most likely a mold-made child’s rattle.  The dolphin is shown in profile with raised tail and snout, pronounced fins, lateral gill-like grooves, and an S-curve body.  Given its gentle demeanor and elegant form, the dolphin was viewed as man’s special friend and became a popular subject in Greek […]

Beehive Savings Bank

On the front, we see a coin slot, beneath which there is an aedicula composed of two spiral columns without capitals.  These columns support a pediment decorated with a cable pattern along its roof line and a patera in its tympanum.  Below this structure, viewers are drawn to  the frontal image of Mercury, who stands […]

Marble Relief of Three Diners

Beneath the upper cornice of this fragmentary marble relief, we see the torsos and heads of three male diners.  The two bearded figures on the right are shown in profile, while the beardless, younger-looking man on the left faces the viewer.  Two of the diners sport mantles over their shoulders and hold drinking cups in […]