Talia Hughes ('13) majored in Archaeology and History of Art, and minored in Museums and Society and Classics.

South Italian Mug

This terracotta vessel has a flared rim and a ring handle. Under the rim, we see a band of ovules and dots, as well as a band of rosettes with white dots on the petals and yellow centers.  A palmette appears under the handle, along with two broken bands. One band is composed of brown […]

Gold Amulet Pendant

The embossed decoration on this gold medallion features a central image of the evil eye surrounded by several animals: a scorpion, a dog, an elephant, and a bird.  These animals are shown in the act of attacking the evil eye. In Greco-Roman antiquity, such amulets were thought to be endowed with protective powers.  Both men […]

Female Figure with Putti

This small terracotta group depicts a reclining female figure with two putti. The figures are shown on a bed adorned with an elaborate headboard. The woman is lying on her back, propped up by pillows. Her right arm reaches over her head and rests on her forehead, indicating ecstasy. Her head is angled upwards and […]