The Museum welcomes the involvement of students, staff, faculty, alumni, and others interested in the study of the ancient world.  The easiest way for you to be involved in the museum is to visit us in Gilman Hall or visit us on our Facebook page to see the most recent events and projects being completed here.

Other ways to be involved in the museum include:

  • Taking or teaching a course that utilizes the museum collection
  • Arranging a tour
  • Adopt an object.  Meet with museum staff to identify an object in need of research and conservation and adopt it by providing some funding for this work.
  • Funding specific projects that allow the work of the museum to continue
  • Offering in-kind donations
  • Working in the museum: Though we are not currently  hiring, please check our Facebook page for opportunities that might arise.

Graduate student Laura Garofolo examines a Greek kylix in the museum collection.

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