Learn from the Museum Collection

Undergraduate student Emily Sneff examines a hammered copper alloy object in the shape of a lion’s head for the course “Introduction to Museum Practice”.

In keeping with the original intention of this collection which was to be used as a research and teaching resource for the University, the Museum is envisioned as a place where all members of the University community are invited to learn from ancient artifacts. Though these objects have traditionally been utilized in teaching, research and study within the departments of Classics, History of Art, and Near Eastern Studies, it is hoped that the new visibility and  exciting facilities of the Museum will foster in-depth, interdisciplinary study and collaborative work among faculty and students of many departments.  In the Fall of 2011, classes from the Writing Seminars and the Department of Materials Science and Engineering have come to the museum as part of their coursework.  We hope that these discussions across disciplines continue to grow in the coming years.  The museum was also intended as a place of learning for the general public, including the students and teachers of Baltimore.  We invite members of the Johns Hopkins faculty, students, researchers and members of the public to consider ways in which they can utilize and learn from our collection of ancient objects.

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