A Cypriot Exception

Molly Martell
Molly Martell graduated from JHU in December 2014 with a double major in archaeology and anthropology and a minor in museums and society, although she is still active on campus finishing up her DURA research. She will be attending graduate school at University of Florida in the fall, where she will be working towards her PhD in anthropology under Dr. Valerie DeLeon.

  • Slipped and painted ceramic vessel, JHUAM 42.64

A Cypriot Exception

Artifact number 42.64 in the Johns Hopkins archaeological collection represents a rare case in the material culture of the Cypro-Geometric Period. With its overall dark coloring, twisted handles, and unique body shape, this amphora likely indicates a facet of Cypriot society that is often overlooked- the desire for art to reflect the individuality and artistic expression of its creator.








The full presentation can be seen here:

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