An Old Kingdom Offering-Bearer

Maggie Bryson
Maggie Bryson is a Ph.D. student in Egyptian Art and Archaeology in the Department of Near Eastern Studies at Johns Hopkins. Her research focus is the art and history of the New Kingdom, particularly the transition from the 18th to the 19th Dynasty.

  • Offering bearer, painted wood, ECM 1591, Eton College Myers Collection
An Old Kingdom Offering-Bearer from the Eton College Myers Collection

Among the treasures of the Eton College Myers Collection now on loan to the Johns Hopkins University Museum is a beautiful wooden statue of a female offering-bearer (ECM 1591). This paper will reconstruct the story of the figure, from its origin as part of a late Old Kingdom (ca. 2150 BC) tomb assemblage from the Egyptian site of Meir to its acquisition by Colonel Joseph Myers. In so doing, the paper will seek to situate the piece in its proper context as a work of ancient funerary art, and also to highlight the manner in which the practices of excavators, curators, and collectors in more recent years have influenced our understanding and appreciation of such objects. Finally, possibilities for future study will be suggested.








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