Bronze Figure of Priest of Bastet

Chloe Pelletier
Chloe Pelletier ('13) was a Senior History of Art major, minoring in Museums and Society. She was a 2012-2013 Student Curator for Evergreen Museum & Library.

  • Priest of Bastet, ECM 1533, Eton College Myers Collection

This research concerns a bronze statuette of a Priest of Bastet, which the paper argues can be dated during the reign of Osorkon II (874-850). This statue features a Priest of Bastet, holding an Aegis offering of the same Goddess. An inscription on the figure’s back evokes the cat Goddess Bastet who represented fertility, fire, and domestic cats. The Ramesside facial features of the priest and the presence of Bastet iconography support a provenance of Bubastis, the political and devotional center dedicated to Bastet. The paper’s argument uses specific visual evidence to support a claim of provenance and dating that does not reject previous scholarship but rather works to narrow it down. The most current research on the Eton Collection assigns a dating of 22nd Dynasty to this object, which the paper suggests can be further refined to the reign of Oskorkon II.

The full presentation can be seen here:

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