From el-Mahasna to Baltimore

Ashley Fiutko Arico
Ashley Fiutko Arico received her Ph.D. in Egyptian Art and Archaeology in the Department of Near Eastern Studies at Johns Hopkins in 2017. Her dissertation examined Egyptian statuary excavated in the Levant.

  • A selection of objects from el-Mahasna at the Archaeological Museum.

From El-Mahasna to Baltimore: Restoring Context to Egyptian Objects in the Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum

The Johns Hopkins archaeological collection was awarded numerous pieces of Predynastic Egyptian pottery and other artifacts in return for its support of the Egypt Exploration Fund’s (EEF) 1909 excavation of the cemetery at el-Mahasna. This paper will combine study of Egyptian objects in our museum, letters between the EEF and Johns Hopkins, and published site reports to identify the el-Mahasna objects within our collection. In doing so, it will examine their archaeological contexts, retrace their journey from discovery in Egypt to their arrival in Gilman Hall, and consider the role that the university’s relationship with the EEF played in enhancing our collections.