Glimpses of the Egyptian Underworld

Marina Escolano-Poveda
Marina Escolano-Poveda is a Fulbright scholar and Ph.D. candidate in Egyptology in the Department of Near Eastern Studies at Johns Hopkins. Her research focus is Demotic and Greek Papyrology and the study of the literature, religion, and society of Graeco-Roman Egypt. She is currently part of the team of the Mummy Label Database Project of the Spanish National Research Council and the University of Chicago, and editor of the collection of Demotic papyri of the Abbey of Montserrat (Barcelona, Spain).

  • The Myers Amduat. ECM 1573, The Eton College Myers Collection

Glimpses of the Egyptian Underworld: The Myers Amduat Papyrus (ECM 1573)

The Myers Amduat Papyrus (ca. 1000 BCE) depicts the last section of the nocturnal journey of the sun god Ra through the Underworld. It combines images and texts taken from two sections of the so-called Book of Amduat, a feature that is not common in this type of papyri. This makes this piece an exceptional document for the study of textual transmission, religion and funerary beliefs in ancient Egypt.

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