Isis Suckling Horus Statuette

Christa Wentt
Christa Wentt ('13) was a Biology major and English minor at Johns Hopkins with plans to enroll in medical school. Her interest in the cultures of Ancient Egypt and Ancient Israel led her to pursue research on the museum collection.

  • Faience statuette of Isis suckling Horus, ECM 1717, Eton College Myers Collection

Isis Suckling Horus Statuette: The Egyptian Mother Goddess

Research of both a scientific and art historical nature was carried out on this statuette from the Eton Myers Collection, in order to gain a better understanding of how this piece was made and its function as a votive object within the cult of Isis. The most important goddess of Ancient Egyptian history, especially toward the later periods, Isis was worshipped all throughout Egypt, Italy, and Greece, and her influence remained strong even after the collapse of the Egyptian empire. This talk will address, briefly, the dating, provenance, and use of this statuette.







The full presentation can be seen here:

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