The Contributions of Paul Haupt

Austin Elig
Austin Elig ('14) was an undergraduate history major at Johns Hopkins.

  • A cuneiform tablet Haupt wrote for Hopkins President Daniel Coit Gilman in 1899, terra cotta, JHUAM T10.

Investigating the contributions of Paul Haupt and the nature of Semitic Language studies in the early 20th century

This talk will discuss the work of Professor Paul Haupt, Professor of Semitic Languages at Johns Hopkins from 1886 to 1923, and his association with the Archaeological Museum. The paper will first give a brief biographical introduction of Haupt, followed by a short examination of how he approached and interacted with physical texts in his classes and ongoing studies. ¬†Finally, it will contextualize Haupt’s work within the broader field of West Asian language studies in the early 20th century and highlight some of the pivotal differences between this field in Haupt’s time and in the present day.


The full presentation can be seen here:


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