The Pederastic Gaze in Two Greek Vases

Ross Brendle
Ross Brendle is a Ph.D. candidate in Classical Archaeology, focusing on ancient Greek art and in particular Attic vase-painting. His dissertation examines the specialized uses of Attic black-figure pottery after the introduction of the red-figure technique. In the fall, he will be the Samuel H. Kress Fellow at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens.

  • Kylix by the Antiphon Painter, JHUAM B11.

The Pederastic Gaze in Two Greek Vases in the JHUAM

The institution of pederasty (the characteristically Greek relationships between men and boys) was a recurring theme in the art of the ancient Greeks. Many of these images have an unmistakably erotic quality, while others take a more nuanced approach. Two red-figure cups in the JHUAM fall in the latter category, showing boys in the gymnasium on view for older men within the scene and for the users of the vessel.


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