Working at the Granary?

Elisabeth Campbell
Elisabeth Campbell is a graduate student in the Classics Department at Johns Hopkins, where she is writing a dissertation on Roman victory cognomina during the Republican period. Through her work with the museum, Elisabeth has further developed a special interest in Roman epigraphy and numismatics.
Kaley Gonzalez
Kaley Gonzalez is a senior at Garrison Forest School. She is looking forward to pursuing Latin in college and is thinking about majoring in Biology.
Sarah Hill
Sarah Hill is a senior at Garrison Forest School. She plans to pursue her studies in Latin when she joins Johns Hopkins as a freshman in the fall of 2013.

  • JHUAM Latin Inscriptions 38 and 39, marble.

Working at the Granary (?) – A Latin Inscription in the Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum

This paper closely examines a funerary inscription in the museum dedicated to Soteris Epiphania by her husband Speratus which contains the formula ex horreis Faenianis. This is the only reference in extant Latin literature to the granary of Faenius and is commonly thought to refer to the workplace of Speratus. On the contrary, this paper will show that the phrase indicates the area of Rome that the couple was from.

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