From Gilman Hall to Tennessee and back

Elisabeth Campbell
Elisabeth Campbell is a graduate student in the Classics Department at Johns Hopkins, where she is writing a dissertation on Roman victory cognomina during the Republican period. Through her work with the museum, Elisabeth has further developed a special interest in Roman epigraphy and numismatics.

From Gilman Hall to Tennessee and back: The Sidney Painter Collection of Roman coins

wright75In 1985, Franklin M. Wright, who received his PhD from JHU in 1959, permanently lent his collection of Roman coins to the Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum. The collection, which contains some 100 coins dating from the late republic to the late empire, eventually became the university’s property upon Wright’s death in 2010. This symposium paper will explore both the collection itself and Wright’s connection to Hopkins. Using his correspondence, the paper will demonstrate that Franklin Wright’s passion for Roman coins started at Johns Hopkins and led him to collect an almost complete set of all Roman emperors. Specific examples to illustrate Wright’s relationship with his alma mater include a coin of Severus II (JHUAM Wright 75), which Wright found in a desk in Gilman Hall, and a very fine cistophorus of Hadrian that Wright was particularly proud of (JHUAM Wright 18).

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