Journey to the West

Ashley Fiutko Arico
Ashley Fiutko Arico received her Ph.D. in Egyptian Art and Archaeology in the Department of Near Eastern Studies at Johns Hopkins in 2017. Her dissertation examined Egyptian statuary excavated in the Levant.

Journey to the West: Tracking Ancient Egyptian Funerary Objects from Abydos to Baltimore

U19In the summer of 1911 the Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum was awarded numerous ancient Egyptian artifacts discovered at Abydos during excavations undertaken by T. Eric Peet on behalf of the Egypt Exploration Fund earlier that year. This paper will identify many of these pieces within our collection, reconnecting them with their original archaeological contexts and situating them within the wider context of Egyptian material culture. In doing so, it will utilize unpublished archival materials from Johns Hopkins University as well as the Egypt Exploration Society. Special attention will be given to materials from Cemetery U at Abydos, which include pottery vessels, ivory combs, and stone mace-heads dated to the Egyptian Predynastic period (ca. 5200-3000 BCE).


The video of this presentation can be viewed here: