The Maiden Fair

Allison McCoskey
Allie McCoskey is an undergraduate in the class of 2017 double majoring in Near Eastern Studies and Archaeology. Her research interests include ancient Egyptian history and culture as well as bioarchaeology. She recently had the opportunity to work with the Johns Hopkins expedition excavating at the Mut Temple in Luxor, Egypt.

The Maiden Fair:  Technical Analyses of a Wooden Tomb Statue

maidenfairRecent research into the tomb statue (9213) in the Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum collection has led to new information on the construction and previous appearance of the object.  X-ray results have shown that the statue was carved from a single piece of wood, which is unusual considering the size of the object.  X-ray fluorescence (XRF) examination revealed the metal liner around the eyes to be composed of a copper-arsenic alloy, not a bronze as previously suggested.  Another location on the upper thigh investigated with XRF has shown peaks of calcium, sulfur, arsenic, and iron which suggests that region was covered with gypsum plaster and colorant.  Microscopic analysis was also performed around the eye to determine composition and around the break in the arm.  Calcite has been suggested as the material for the eye inlay and the break in the arm has allowed for classification of the hinge as a dowel-edged joint.