Nathan Malone
Nathan Malone is a member of the Class of 2023.

Heart scarab amulet, Egypt, New Kingdom, ca. 1550-1069 BCE, greywacke stone, 6.48 cm (L) x 4.38 cm (W), The Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum, College Collection of Egyptian Antiquities, 3805. Image shows both the top and bottom (inscribed) sides of the amulet.

Poet’s Statement

My poem “Trial” is inspired by the Ancient Egyptian Heart Scarab, a small carved stone said to be inscribed with a spell aiding the heart of the recently deceased in their journey to the afterlife.


I sit within my master’s soul

made from dark green stone and longing.

Her blackened, dried flesh

protects me from the outside world.

Myself and my companion

share the empty cavern in her chest


We travel down the darkened path

its currents strong and fierce.

We pass the faces of those before

who had failed the coming test.

My instructions lie apart of me.

We float towards judgement.


We enter the ethereal hall

the towering arbiters stand listening.

Our time has come, she must succeed

or we will both fall to ruin.