Our wonderful student apprentices who appear in alphabetical order:

Lauren Aldoroty


I am a sophomore studying physics with a minor in mathematics. I started doing pottery at age 8, and picked it back up again in high school. I am currently a member of the Johns Hopkins Ceramics Club.




Madelena Brancati

Madelena BrancatiwebI am a freshman and intend to major in Archaeology with a minor in Museums and Society. I have a strong background in the visual arts, and therefore hope to provide a stylistic perspective throughout the course of the semester. I am thrilled to be a part of this experiment and to see how people of different disciplines approach the same craft.



Hana Chop

Hana ChopqwvI greatly enjoy clay as an artistic medium, having taken several classes on pottery–hand form and potter’s wheel–as well as sculpture. Pottery is one of my favorite hobbies. I look forward to exploring the evolution and variety of Greek ceramic techniques and how this can indicate changes in the culture and society. This stems from my passion for history and my introduction to archaeology under Susan McCarter this fall semester. I am very excited to participate in this course for its hands-on approach in exploring the context of the artifacts as well as the methods of ancient Greek ceramicists.

Dane Clark

DanewebMy name is Dane Clark. I’m a sophomore (class of 2017) Near Eastern Studies and Archaeology double major with a minor in classics.  I have previous experience working with ancient materials digging in an archaeological excavation and restoring ceramics in a conservation lab.  I expect that this class will offer an important new way of looking at the materials that I’ve been working with, focusing more on the production instead of the product.


Savannah de Montesquiou

Savannah de MontesquiouwebMy name is Savannah de Montesquiou, and I am Sophomore majoring in History of Art and double minoring in Entrepreneurship & Management and Visual Arts. In addition to my historical and academic studies of art, I have a strong background in studio art, particularly in painting as well as surface and graphic design. I am especially interested in comparing the graphic nature of the ancient vessels we will analyze to modern design as well as understanding the relationship between sculptor and painter in their collaborative process. Studying these objects from such close proximity and having the opportunity to handle the clay will extend my studies in a fully immersive way, transcending the physical barriers of museum glass and time.

Ashley Fallon

Ashley FallonwebMy name is Ashley Fallon and I am a junior, class of 2016, majoring in archaeology and Near Eastern studies with a focus on ancient Egypt. I have worked with ancient ceramics in three other classes also taken in the archaeology museum, as well as in the field at the Mut temple complex in Luxor, Egypt. Ceramics have recently sparked my interest, deeply enough to consider a future career as a ceramicist, and I hope this course will further my understanding of the complex processes that went into making not only Greek ceramics, but ancient ceramics as a whole.


Haley Huang

Haley_PicwebHi, my name is Haley Huang, and I’m an undergraduate biomedical engineer graduating in May 2015. Because a large portion of my coursework has been devoted to thinking outside of the box, I look forward to applying a unique problem-solving perspective towards answering some of the questions regarding ancient pottery techniques. Through “Recreating Ancient Greek Ceramics,” I hope to learn some of the stories behind our phenomenal collection of artifacts, as well as discover a deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship of ancient potters.


Kelly McBride

Kelly McBridewebMy name is Kelly McBride, and I am majoring in Classics and French with a minor in Visual Arts. I have taken 7 years of Latin and a year of Ancient Greek, and I have extensive experience with Ancient Greek and Roman cultures. I also have been developing my studio art skills for the last five years. I believe that this project will be a great opportunity for me to bring together my love of the Classics and my artistic skills.


Gianna Puzzo

GPuzzo_ProfileI am a senior History of Art major and Museums and Society minor. In past years, I have worked closely with objects by interning with the JHMI Department of Art as Applied to Medicine archiving medical illustrations, letters, and photographs and completing a Nancy and Robert Hall Fellowship at the Walters Art Museum in the Department of Asian Art cataloging Chinese ceramics. These close encounters and an additional interest in the field of art conservation have led me to think heavily about the materiality of objects especially in the museum space. I hope that this course will continue to provide insight into these questions and that it will be a great adventure of discoveries!

Travis Schmauss

travis schmauss copyHi, I’m Travis. I’m a junior in the Materials Science & Engineering undergrad program, and I harbor a special interest in what I call “heritage materials.” I only happened upon “Recreating Ancient Greek Ceramics” when searching for a materials science class, “Ceramics”, in our class-search system. In previous semesters I’ve taken “Ancient Americas Metallurgy” and “The Physical Science of Paper”. I find the cross-section between materials of the past and modern analysis to be academically thrilling.


Anna Soifer

Anna SoiferwebI am a sophomore member of the class of 2017 and an archaeology major with a potential second major in Classics. In participating in Recreating Ancient Greek Ceramics, I hope to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the ceramic material I have excavated in the past and will excavate in the future. I am also extremely excited for the opportunity to engage in ceramic manufacture, as the archaeology of craft is one of my special interests, a result of working with a spindle whorl in the JHU Archaeological Museum’s collection last year.


Elizabeth Winkelhoff

Elizabeth WinkelhoffwebI am a Freshman Archaeology/Biology double major. I love art, but predominately work with acrylic paints but am excited to apprentice with master potters. I have taken an Archaeology course in which I worked with ancient objects in the Mediterranean and I am currently taking a course focused on the craftspeople behind these objects. I am looking forward to bringing these different views into the course to offer a new perspective. I am fascinated with the idea that an object made by one person could go through the hands of so many others, and I am excited to be able to recreate objects like those to gain incredible insight and a better understanding of how to analyze these objects.

Arthur Zhang

Arthur ZhangwebI am a sophomore majoring in Biology and minoring in Visual Arts. I am interested in this course for both its artistic and scientific approaches to recreating ancient Greek ceramics. I hope my stints with drawing, painting and photography in previous Visual Arts courses would be helpful for my encounter with clay here. I am looking forward to unearthing some ceramic mysteries this semester!