Dish with Ribbed Handles

Nicole Berlin
Nicole Berlin is a graduate student in Classical Art and Archaeology. She received her BA in Classics and Anthropology from Northwestern University and has had a wide variety of experiences in the art world, from the excavation of a Roman villa at Chiusi to working on Egyptian archaeology documentaries in Rome. Nicole is a graduate intern at the JHUAM and has a particular interest in Roman wall painting.

  • Accession Number: JHUAM 9163
  • Measurements: Width: 17cm, Height: 3.7cm
  • Material: Glass
  • Culture/Date: Roman, 1st-2nd c. CE
  • Provenance: Italy or Eastern Mediterranean


This colorless glass dish has convex sides flaring out to a flat lip and sits on a short, tubular ring base with two “grip” handles. Each handle was applied as a trail of glass then tooled to form ribbing.

Side view of the dish.

Side view of the dish.

Related to Isings form 43. Cf. Israel Museum 77.12.98, Louvre CP 8722, and Louvre NIII 3434.

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