Dish with Raised Foot

Nicole Berlin
Nicole Berlin is a graduate student in Classical Art and Archaeology. She received her BA in Classics and Anthropology from Northwestern University and has had a wide variety of experiences in the art world, from the excavation of a Roman villa at Chiusi to working on Egyptian archaeology documentaries in Rome. Nicole is a graduate intern at the JHUAM and has a particular interest in Roman wall painting.
  • Accession Number: JHUAM HT 231
  • Measurements: Width: 14.6m, Height: 3.1cm
  • Material: Glass
  • Culture/Date: Roman, 3rd-4th c. CE
  • Provenance: Unknown

This transparent blue-green plate is shallow with a broad collar. It sits on a raised, irregularly shaped foot with a folded over rim. This form is common to the Mediterranean provinces although datable examples have been found from Switzerland, Crete (Knossos), the Cave of Letters in Israel and Tipasa (Algeria).

Isings form 118. Cf. Louvre MNC 1296.

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