On View

The Display

Our exterior facing displays allow visitors to look at museum objects any time that Gilman Hall is open. Students from Monocacy Valley Montessori School look at Cypriot objects.

Visitors to Gilman Hall can see approximately 400 objects displayed in the exterior facing cases and an additional 700 objects in the displays and study drawers inside the museum.  Our exterior cases are generally organized chronologically by region and cultural group, and include objects from the ancient Mediterranean and ancient Egypt.  Our interior cases are thematic and include broad groupings of artifacts such as “The Military and Athletics”, “Ancient Writing” and “Ancient Daily Life.”  A selection of objects from the Ancient Americas is also on display inside the museum space.

For more information about the museum, please contact us.  Additional information for visiting members of the public can be found on our For the Public page.

Lighting the Collection

In keeping with the museum’s mission to increase the accessibility of the collection for teaching, study and research by faculty and students, motion sensors were installed in the exterior facing cases during the summer of 2011.  These sensors both illuminate the cases and help protect the collection from light damage, preserving it for future students and researchers. As our cases are now illuminated by motion-sensor activated lights, visitors can enjoy the 400 objects in our exterior facing displays even in the evenings when the museum is generally closed.