Alan Shapiro is W.H. Collins Vickers Professor of Archaeology and is a classical archaeologist with a particular interest in Greek art, myth, and religion in the Archaic and Classical periods. He has written numerous studies of Greek vase iconography, including Personifications in Greek Art (1993) and Myth into Art: Poet and Painter in Classical Greece (1994). His interest in the interrelationship among art, religion, and politics is best represented in his book Art and Cult under the Tyrants in Athens (1989; Supplement, 1995). He is currently working on a study of hero cults in fifth-century Athens.

Attic Red-Figure Vases

During the spring semester, 2011, three students–Ross Brendle, Laura Garofolo and Jessica Lamont–in the Interdisciplinary PhD program in Classical Art and Archaeology participated in a seminar focusing on the collection’s world-famous collection of Athenian red-figure vases of the period ca. 520 – 450 BCE. Sessions alternated between classroom presentations on the individual vases and close […]