Alexandra Good ('13) was a History of Art Major and a Writing Seminars Minor.

Ephedrismos Group (Piggyback Girls)

Ephedrismos groups, or piggyback girls, were frequently represented in Hellestic art, and were particularly popular as small-scale terracotta figurines. More than forty terracotta statuettes of piggyback girls have been unearthed since the 19th century. This subject matter was taken from monumental sculpture and was especially popular during the late fourth and early third centuries B.C.E. […]


Although knucklebone pieces were originally made from the knucklebones of sheep or goats, they were later crafted in a great variety of materials: brass, copper, silver, gold, glass, bone, ivory, marble, wood, stone, bronze, terracotta and precious gems. All of the JHUAM knucklebones are made of glass, except for knucklebone piece HT 972, which is […]

Red-Figure Alabastron

Although the painted decoration of the red-figure alabaston is slightly chipped and cracked, it is still relatively well preserved. Bands of meander and cross-circle design trace the rim of the neck and the base, and also run vertically to separate the painted panels into two scenes. Side A illustrates a seated woman in profile. She […]