Professor Caroline Wilkinson is Director of the Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) School of Art & Design in the United Kingdom. She is also Director of the Face Lab, a LJMU research group that carries out forensic/archaeological research and consultancy work which includes craniofacial analysis, facial depiction and forensic art. She has a background in art and science and her research and creative work sits at the forefront of art-science fusion and includes subjects as diverse as forensic art, human anatomy, medical art, face recognition, forensic science, anthropology, 3D visualisation, digital art and craniofacial identification.

The Facial Reconstruction Process

Creating a facial depiction—a representation—from a skull is an anatomically-informed process with applications in the forensic and archaeological arenas. Practitioners may work in two dimensions (2D) or three dimensions (3D), using manual, computer-generated, or fully automated methods (using algorithmic and statistical shape modelling), with a wide range of presentation options. In forensic scenarios, such depictions […]