Debbie is a Public Health Studies major in the Class of 2021.

Metal Applicator

  Description This object can be identified as a kohl stick (cosmetic applicator) due to its characteristic shape; one end tapers to a point while the other flares in thickness towards a rounded end that would have been grasped while applying eye-paint. Kohl sticks, which could be made of metal–as is this example–wood, or stone, were used […]

Cosmetic Dish

Description This alabaster cosmetic bowl has a circular base with a flat, rounded rim.  Two duck heads rendered in profile protrude out from the rim, forming a handle. Each head is positioned at a slightly different angle, such that the neck of the rear duck forms a stronger oblique. In this way, the two heads are […]

Triple Kohl Tube

  Description Kohl tubes representing hollow reeds, either singly or in bundles of as many as seven, first became popular during the New Kingdom. These multi-tube examples accommodated the storage of different types of eye-paint, either in different colors (black or green) or for different occasions. For instance, the individual sections of triple kohl tubes […]

Kohl Pot

  Description This greenish-blue faience kohl pot has a form common to many Egyptian vessels used to hold cosmetics. It has a squat body that flares slightly at the foot and swells at the shoulders tapering in to a narrow neck with a flat, everted rim above. A hole drilled into the top of the vessel facilitated the storage […]