Jennifer Torres is the Collections Technician of the Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum. Her primary duties include the rehousing and photography of the museum’s collection. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Florida, where she received her B.A. in Anthropology and Classical Studies in 2013. In 2015, she received her M.A. in Museum Studies with a concentration in Collections Management from the George Washington University.

Ceramic Figure Fragments

Here are a few photos I’ve taken of objects that I’ve been working on for the past few weeks. There’s been a common theme with these objects – can you guess what it is? I’ve particularly enjoyed photographing their expressions!

Museum Chat

The day before Halloween, my colleague Kate and I gave a lecture in the museum about the challenges of caring for a 133 year old collection. I talked about the rehousing of objects, while Kate talked about the work she does as a registrar. Attendees at the lecture were able to view objects that Kate […]

Copper Alloy Animal Figurines

This past week I’ve been rehousing some of the museum’s copper alloy animal figurines. By rehousing them standing up, their unique shapes can be better appreciated.

Documents and Resources

The following documents were created to assist the staff at the Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum with the rehousing of its collections. While specific to the Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum, the documents are useful in providing a general overview of rehousing for museum professionals in other institutions: General Rehousing Procedures for Three-Dimensional Objects Quick Guide to […]

Student Assistants

Work-study students have been a huge help at the museum. Two undergraduate students, Dane and Sami, have helped tremendously with rehousing the museum’s collection. Almost all of their time at the museum is spent on constructing mounts and supports to stabilize objects in the collection. Thanks for all your help Dane and Sami!  

Greco-Roman Lamps

While the Greco-Roman lamps in our storage were in archival housing, it wasn’t ideal for our collection. The set-up might work for a museum that keeps objects in storage for long periods, but we have found that with a teaching collection, we tend to move individual pieces around for classes or research. Having many lamps […]

Egyptian Stone Tools

The Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum was fortunate enough to have Garrison Forest School  student Sarah Kate intern at the museum this semester. Sarah Kate is part of the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Program, and joined the museum in February and just completed her work with us this week. Sarah Kate has been rehousing our […]

Roman Lamps

Although this week I’ve been working on attaching metadata (information about the object) to the image, I wanted to share a few of my favorite images I took of our Roman lamp collection. The variations in shape, size, and detail of these objects are fascinating. The museums has approximately 250 ceramic lamps in its collection, […]

Large Ceramic Vessels

Objects from our secondary storage location have been relocated to the museum space, and I spent most of my time rehousing (creating custom storage mounts) these objects. Each object poses challenges, and these ceramic vessels were no different. Their large stature and unique shapes made it difficult to stabilize them, but creating foam mounts that […]

Ceramic Bowls and Fragments

Objects are being rehoused as they are transported to the museum space. Here are some objects that were rehoused last week. The three ceramic bowls required special custom mounts to fully support their unique shapes. The ceramic fragments, however, did not require special housing and only needed to be placed in polyethylene bags for protection. […]