Cosconia Calityche

Translation “Cosconia Callityche lived 18 years; she was given over to death on the day before the Ides of July [July 14]; she was buried on the Ides [July 15] when Iullus Antonius and [Fabius Maximus] Africanus were consuls [10 BC].” Description This columbarium plaque marked the burial niche of a young woman named Cosconia […]

Volusia Romana

Translation “To the spirits of the dead: for Volusia Romana, pious mother (lived 70 years). Bononius Syntrophes and Volusius Asclepiades made [this monument] for themselves and their relatives. 8 feet in depth, 9 feet in frontage [i.e, the size of burial plot]” Description This stone was set up for a woman named Volusia Romana who […]


Translation “Lo, under/behind this marker are placed the bones of Soteris; she lies buried, devoured by pitiless death. She had not yet filled up twice three years when she was bidden to enter the house of black Dis. The lamentations which the mother ought to have bequeathed to her daughter, these the daughter suddenly bequeathed […]