Skylar is a Classics major in the Class of 2020.

Kohl Tube in the Shape of a Palm Column

Description Carved from wood, this elegant kohl tube was designed to store eye-paint. The slender cylindrical container takes its shape from the palm column, an Egyptian architectural element usually rendered in stone. In this example, eight palm fronds rise from an undecorated cylindrical shaft, flaring out slightly at the top of the vessel. At the […]

Cosmetic Box

Description Hemi-cylindrical in shape, this lidded box was created for the storage of cosmetics. The interior of the container is divided into three compartments: one large and the other two half its size. A recess at one of the short ends of the box allows the flat, rectangular lid to be slotted into place. The […]

Wood and Ivory Kohl Tube

Description This kohl tube takes the shape of an elliptic cylinder with a groove extending the length of one of its sides for storing a small wooden cosmetic applicator (not exhibited). The dense, dark brown wood (likely ebony) is well-preserved, and its surface has a glossy sheen. The interior of the tube has a deep, […]