The JHAM is part of the Johns Hopkins University Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, and as such, is under the oversight of the Dean of Arts and Sciences. The museum’s professional staff include Director, Dr. Betsy Bryan, Associate Director and Conservator, Sanchita Balachandran, and Assistant Curator and Registrar, Kate Gallagher.

The museum is guided by a Faculty Advisory Committee comprised of faculty with expertise in the ancient collections represented in the museum. The Faculty Advisory Committee is also knowledgeable in the legal compliance requirements and ethical standards that pertain to antiquities and archaeological materials, as well as the collecting policies and disclosure practices of the museum. Any potential acquisitions for the museum are reviewed by the Faculty Advisory Committee; their final recommendations determine whether materials may or may not be accepted into the museum collection. More information on our Acquisition Policy is available here.

The museum’s Faculty Advisory Committee currently consists of the following faculty members:

Emily S.K. Anderson, Assistant Professor, Classics

Lisa DeLeonardis, Austen-Stokes Associate Professor, History of Art

Marian Feldman, W.H. Collins Vickers Chair in Archaeology, Professor, History of Art and Near Eastern Studies

Jennifer Kingsley, Associate Teaching Professor and Director, Museums and Society Program

Matthew Roller, Professor, Classics

Ünver Rüstem, Assistant Professor, History of Art

Glenn M. Schwartz, Whiting Professor of Archaeology, Near Eastern Studies

Jennifer Stager, Assistant Professor, History of Art

Lid of a cinerary urn showing a reclining woman, ca. 2nd century BCE, Ceramic, 50 cm x 26 cm x 34 cm, JHAM 9193