Volusia Romana

Elisabeth Campbell
Elisabeth Campbell is a graduate student in the Interdepartmental Program in Classical Art and Archaeology, based in the Classics Department. Her interests include Roman history and archaeology, and she is currently working on her dissertation on the commemoration of victories in the Roman Republic.
  • Accession Number: JHUAM 48 (Wilson 132)
  • Measurements: Height: 37.1 cm, Width: 48 cm, Thickness: 4 cm
  • Material: Marble
  • Date/Culture: Roman,  2nd – 3rd century CE.
  • Provenance: Rome, Italy


“To the spirits of the dead: for Volusia Romana, pious mother (lived 70 years). Bononius Syntrophes and Volusius Asclepiades made [this monument] for themselves and their relatives. 8 feet in depth, 9 feet in frontage [i.e, the size of burial plot]”


This stone was set up for a woman named Volusia Romana who died at 70 years of age. Presumably the two men mentioned as builders of the monument are her sons. The last two lines contain a common formula, specifying the size of the burial plot. It was supposed to be 9 feet wide at the front (“IN F”, or  in fronte), meaning the street side of the tomb; and 8 feet deep, extending into the area next to the road (“IN A”, or in agro).


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The inscription is described in the US Epigraphy Project hosted by Brown University.