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Antonius Laomedes

By Elisabeth Campbell

Accession Number: JHAM 1167 (Wilson 55)
Measurements: Height: 18.7 cm, Width: 47.1 cm, Thickness: 4 cm
Material: Marble
Date/Culture: Roman, 1st century CE.
Provenance: Rome, Italy

“To Gnaius Antonius Laomedes
And to Aemilia Heliconia, freedwoman of Gaia
And to Gnaius Antonius Moschionus, freedman of Gnaius.”


Dated to the first century CE, this inscription marked the tomb of two men and a woman, all of whom were freed slaves. There is an erasure in the third and fourth lines–indicated by serrated marks where stone has been carved away with a claw chisel. Any letters which may once have been inscribed on this part of this stone have been removed without a trace.


H.L. Wilson, “Latin Inscriptions at the Johns Hopkins University VI,” American Journal of Philology 32 (1911), 166-187, 171.

The inscription is described in the US Epigraphy Project hosted by Brown University.