Sextus Lollius

Elisabeth Campbell
Elisabeth Campbell is a graduate student in the Classics Department at Johns Hopkins, where she is writing a dissertation on Roman victory cognomina during the Republican period. Through her work with the museum, Elisabeth has further developed a special interest in Roman epigraphy and numismatics.

  • Accession Number: JHUAM 75 (Wilson 98)
  • Measurements: Height: 29.5 cm, Width: 33.7 cm, Thickness: 26.4 cm
  • Material: Marble
  • Date/Culture: Roman, 1st century CE.
  • Provenance: Porta Salaria, Rome, Italy.


“To the Spirits of the Dead
Of Sextus Lollius


This cinerary urn in the shape of a temple was inscribed for a man named Sextus Lollius Albanus. The front holds the inscription on a tabula ansata (tablet with handles) and the urn is decorated with floral motifs on the front and the handles. The interior of this urn still contains burned human bone fragments, presumably those belonging to Sextus Lollius.

The funerary remains in this urn were the subject of an undergraduate thesis by Monika Lay.  Hear a presentation on her findings as delivered at the Museum Symposium in April 2013.


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