Alexandra Good

Alexandra Good is in her junior year. She is a History of Art Major and a Writing Seminars Minor.

Carlos Muñoz

Carlos Muñoz is a rising Junior and Classical Studies major. In the summer of 2011 he will work as an intern in the Baltimore Museum of Art. During the fall of 2011, Carlos will attend the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome where he will study Roman history, architecture and art.

Elizabeth Dowdle

Elizabeth Dowdle is a senior at the Johns Hopkins University, graduating with degrees in the History of Science and Technology as well as Museums and Society. She will attend George Washington University in Fall, 2011 to earn a Masters Degree in Museum Studies, concentrating in Collections Management and Classics.

Jessica Phippen

Jessica Phippen is a member of the class of 2012 at Johns Hopkins University. She is majoring in Archaeology and Writing Seminars. She has participated in excavations in Lincolnshire, England and Cusco, Peru. She is an intern at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian.

Keelin Martinek

Keelin Martinek is a member of the class at 2012 at Johns Hopkins University, majoring in Archaeology.

Meagan Young

Meagan is a proud member of the Class of 2012 double-majoring in Civil Engineering and Archaeology with a minor in Classics. During the summer of 2011, she will travel to Greece to participate in the Nemea Field School through the University of California at Berkeley. Meagan will complete an honors thesis during her senior year of undergraduate study on the shifts of architectural patterns at Nemea through the Archaic and Classical periods.

Michael Riecken

Michael Riecken is a member of the Johns Hopkins University class of 2011, and will graduate with degrees in Near Eastern Studies as well as Entrepreneurship and Management. He has worked two summers as an intern for the Department of Egyptian Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, assisted Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum Curator, Professor Eunice Maguire throughout the spring 2010 semester, and participated in the annual archaeological mission of the Johns Hopkins University Expedition: Hopkins in Egypt Today.

Talia Hughes

Talia Hughes is a Sophomore at the Johns Hopkins University, majoring in Archaeology and History of Art, and minoring in Museums and Society and Classics.

Hérica Valladares

Hérica Valladares is assistant professor of Classics at Johns Hopkins University. Trained both as a classicist and an art historian, she teaches interdisciplinary courses on Pompeii, early modern antiquarianism, Roman landscape art and the history of archaeology. At Hopkins, she participates in the Undergraduate Archaeology Program and the Program in Museums and Society. She also serves in the Advisory Board of the JHUAM. She is currently working on a book entitled, "On Roman Tenderness: Painting and Poetry in the Early Empire."