Recreating Ancient Greek Ceramics

Film and Press

The 2015 film “Mysteries of the Kylix” documented the experimental and experiential nature of this course.

Through the generous support of the Program in Museums and Society at the Johns Hopkins University and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, we were able to document the experimental and experiential nature of this course through the medium of film. “Mysteries of the Kylix”(running time 19 minutes) directed by filmmaker Bernadette Wegenstein, featuring the work of cinematographer Allen Moore, editor Maxwell Anderson, and additional support by Daniela Mileykova and Daniel Contaldo, captured the essence of our experience. As of 2021, this film has been viewed nearly 6000 times and has been featured in exhibitions about Ancient Greek ceramics at the Worcester Art Museum and the Museum of Antiquities at the University of New England (Australia).

The course also generated a series of radio conversations on the program “Humanities Connection” on WYPR, Baltimore’s local National Public Radio station. You can hear brief audio-essays by Sanchita Balachandran, Matthew Hyleck and course participants Anna Soifer, Savannah de Montesquiou and Ross Brendle.

The class also received significant local, national and international press, and was profiled in the Baltimore Sun newspaper, Archaeology Magazine, and also appearing in the JHU Hub and the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences Magazine.