The Roman House at Hopkins | Everyday Dining: Glass Vessels

Jug with Green Trails

By Nicole Berlin

Accession Number: JHAM HT 159
Measurements: Width: 7.5cm, Height: 15.8cm
Material: Glass
Culture/Date: Roman, 4th c. CE
Provenance: Syrio-Palestinian

This transparent green jug has an oval-shaped body, cylindrical neck, funnel mouth and sits on a disc-shaped, concave base. The separately made handle rises from the shoulder to the rim where it is folded over. The handle would have been pulled out from the body of the vessel before being folded down to reach the shoulder. Three thick trails, the same color as the vessel, decorate the surface, two below the rim and one at the bottom of the neck. This vessel type is most commonly found throughout Syria and Palestine.


Israel Museum 85.72.116 and Louvre MNC 1827.