Krater with Two Panthers

Michele Asuni
Michele Asuni is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Classics at Johns Hopkins University. Before coming to Hopkins, he received a BA and an MA, both in Classical Philology and Ancient History, from the University of Pisa. Primarily a Hellenist, his main interests lie in archaic and classical Greek literature and culture, textual criticism, and Silver Latin. He is currently completing a dissertation on the aesthetics of color in Greek literature, from Homer to Heliodorus.


  • Accession Number: JHUAM HT 885
  • Measurements: Length: 11cm, Width: 7.8cm , Height: 3.8cm
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Culture/Date: Roman, 1st C. CE
  • Provenance: Pompeii, Italy

The discus decoration contains a krater (a type of vase commonly used for mixing wine) flanked by two panthers. The border of the discus presents a floral-vegetal decoration. A similar composition can be seen in this example from the British Museum (Lamp Q3106). The krater, the panther and the vegetal decoration (probably vines) were part of the imagery typical of the cult of Bacchus (the Greek Dionysus).

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